Bideford is the place to be on New Year's Eve. On the last night of each year, the 'little white town' bursts in to life, colour and sound to celebrate the passing of another year.

Heralded in the national press as hosting one of the top ten New Year’s Eve events in the country (The Guardian, The Mirror, Daily Mail) the town puts on a host of activities, is closed to traffic and revellers enjoy the festivities in fancy dress. The people of Bideford really look forward to this annual event and every year thousands of people dressed in inventive costumes ranging from vampires and villains to Disney characters flock to the town centre to enjoy the outdoor roadshow and dancing.

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Fri 21st July @ 10:41pm

So silliest world record attempts, ideas so far,


Tue 23rd May @ 7:40pm

'Together we stand, divided we fall...', tonight, thinking of the countless victims of the attracities in Manchester, the men, women and most of all, the inocent children who tragically suffered at the hands at the what is perhaps, the most violent, the most brutal attack on on our nation since the London bombings.



Mon 22nd May @ 9:42pm

With thanks to everyone who took part in this survey, conducted by The North Devon Gazette...

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